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Speaking Stones...

It's like Pokemon Go for street art!

Speaking Stones works with local people to show their part of town some love and give their neighbourhood artwork a voice.


We work with community organisations such as libraries, youth theatres and social clubs and engage with local writers, actors, composers, musicians, photographers, designers and performance poets.


The stories we tell are uncovered by librarians, local historians, retired railwaymen, joggers, passers-by, mums, dads, grannies, kids and cyclists - anyone at all who has a favourite artwork in their street, whispering to their imagination.

Carvings, statues, sculptures and wall-paintings by street artists old and new find a voice, joining together in a vibrant-but-invisible community chorus: a sound installation where the local street art gets to do the talking.

We put it all on a digital story map, bursting with photos and sound-clips, captioned for anyone with hearing difficulties. If you're out for a walk, find an artwork on the map and it will speak to you from your phone. It's like Pokemon Go for street art!


And if you're stuck inside, hungry to explore and you have never visited the area? You can enjoy its riches without ever leaving home.


So take a look around... we think you'll be amazed at who's waiting to speak to you!


Photographer Ben Priestley snaps Jazzie B.

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