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London Together

No two of us see the same artwork the same way. 


Here, the young people of Haringey Shed Youth Theatre give their first response to a favourite artwork, live, immediate and inclusive – sometimes shy, sometimes bold, but always passionate.

Their responses were transformed by Palace Acappella Choir and the Speaking Stones team into a song, calling from North to South and back again. Artworks from either side of the river find twins, given voice by our community partners.

And there are even some extra pieces from our Speaking Stones artists, hiding on our Harringay and Beyond and our Penge, Palace and Beyond maps. Can you find them?

Speaking Stones doesn't end with the artworks on our maps. Look closely when you're out and about and you'll find art is always waiting to talk to us.


Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 13.47.28.jpeg

for a list of artworks!

Speaking Stones: London Together was supported by The Arnold Clark Community Fund.

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